Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rescue cat

My rescue cat - Charlie

Earlier this year I rescued a cat from B.A.R.K that was brought there as he was thought to be a stray.  I'm not sure how long he was there but i hope it wasn't long.
  Before we got Charlie I was not a cat person, in truth i'm still not, but he is the most amazing cat and I have grown to love and trust him.  He in turn has learnt to trust us - its quite clear he has been mistreated in his past but he's slowly learning that we wont hurt him.

Heres some pictures that I have taken of him.

Heres a link to B.A.R.K where we got charlie from - it would be great if you could have a look at it -

Friday, 27 April 2012

Funky nail art designs

As well as photography another of my hobbies is painting my nails.  This Christmas I got an amazing nail art set and I've been addicted ever since. Here are some of my favourites

Union Jack and spots 

love heart and dots 

Random; cup cake, union jack, peacock feather, rainbow, spots 

mixture; panda; penguin; cupcake; chicken and rainbow 

Red dog paw print 

Panda nails

Random; owl; iPod; penguin; union jack and nemo inspired stripe  

Different; union jack; pack man monster; iPod; pig and anchor 

Grey penguin 

Purple/ pink polka dots 

Queens diamond jubilee, union jack, nail art 
Tribal print/ Aztec 
Marble effect 
Light purple dots 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

What makes me, me.

Many things in life may seem so small but its these things that mean so much.  Without creative flare and personality life would be so dull.  I advice you to take these things and embrace them to make yourself stronger.  No matter what anyone says love who YOU are not what you think you should be.  Photography is my way to express myself: without it my emotions would over flow and I don't know what I would do...

Camera necklace 
My guitar

Nail art


My dog's paw print at the beach

Costa coffee 


Recycled magazine origami flowers 

Chicken doodle 

Random shapes 

Doodles on a book

Cut outs from a magazine 

Creative words

Stunning fish 

One Direction bracelets 

Beach holiday

Friday, 20 April 2012

Springtime means little lambs

We all now that springtime means little lambs popping up all over the countryside.  Even though they may be shy they are curious creatures.  You must remember not to get to close too soon or they will run away.  Start from a distance; take a photo; move closer; take another photo; move closer and so on until you are able to get a top quality picture.


Having a lay down 

Protective mother

Curious glance 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Photos from Edinburgh Zoo

Some people find it hard to take stunning photos at the zoo but if you position you camera correctly then the photos will turn out perfect.  Here are a few tips; enclosures that have a glass/plastic screen you need to put your camera lens as close to the glass as you possibly can (this means that your camera will focus not on the dirt on the glass but on what lies past it) but I would say to rule these enclosures out for achieving great shots, when enclosures have a wire mesh fence you have to place your camera lens in the mesh so that the mesh is not a part of the photo creating the illusion that you are in there with the animals (these enclosures will get the best quality snaps)  and finally I would say not only to take photos of the animals but think about your surroundings.

Here are some photos I took at Edinburgh Zoo.

Frosty flower

Laying down 
Zebras in the snow
Stunning bird 
Rhinos eating  
Just about to jump!

Lazy Penguin 

A Happy Animal
Curious Wallaby